Company Information

SwitchLabs is a leading provider of VoIP solutions for next-generation communication networks.
The SwitchLabs SIP platform is highly flexible and scalable, allowing us to provide our services at lower costs than our competitors. Our customers can see their account balance and other statistics in real time as opposed to hours or days later. We also offer custom solutions so that our clients can be ahead of their competition.
Located in El Dorado Hills, California, the SwitchLabs team has vast experience in developing and deploying VoIP and communications software solutions. Our expertise ranges from small telecommunications devices to large systems handling millions of calls and billions of minutes in call duration. Our team consists of VoIP pioneers as well as other highly-skilled and experienced developers.
Our carrier-class network allows us to deliver all types of calls whether local, intrastate, interstate, and even international. Built over the course of 15 years, we carry calls for both small and large enterprises. We even terminate calls for the large carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
Our mission is to provide a way for companies, both small and large, to build their own suite of services and to resell those solutions to their clients. With a carrier-class network and a world-class team behind it, SwitchLabs is uniquely positioned to take telecommunications to new heights!

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